Our Work

We acknowledge the collective contributions of the forerunners of diverse accomplished frontiers of our socio-communal economic growth and development through events / promotions and conferences.

We at ‘BORGCA’ believe in motivating individuals / corporate institutions through our award ceremonies in order to uphold and sustain diverse contributions in the quest for competitive excellence to consolidate our socio-economic growth / development.


The Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration (BORGCA) assesses a broad spectrum of sectors that contribute to socio-economic development.

Our interest is to assess the value and impact of government policies, programmes and projects on the socio- economic structure vis-à-vis the beneficiaries of development – the citizenry. We research on the prospects of different industries in the corporate sector for direct potentials in rapid socio-economic / developmental growth. We approach our work in this field with high professionalism, team work and expertise, using various research, scientific and assessment tools.


In our quest to acknowledge and promote the corporate image of the forerunners of our socio-economic development, we appreciate the efforts of public officials, entrepreneurs and corporate bodies for their standard practices and immense direct contribution to socio-economic development and growth. We believe in motivation, and we do this through our annual award ceremonies. Sometimes, we partner international bodies to recognize and honour deserving individuals and corporate agencies for their achievements.


Our recommendations are based on objective findings and experience in our research and analysis. We recommend products, technical ideas, tactical advice and make suggestions according to our findings / previous knowledge to guide good policy decisions, especially in the areas of our research through comparative analysis for competitive excellence.


We write, speak and litigate in the interest of the populace. We believe that social, economic and corporate policies should be formulated in a way to positively improve the needs and aspirations of the citizenry. Our team does objective analysis on policies and advocate on public and socio-economic interests.